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Frank Piercy Cup

Posted by Albert Pattison on 28/02/2017 08:23

The Frank Piercy Cup has been running each year since the 1970s when it was established to commemorate the late Mr Frank Piercy who was a strong supporter of Sheriff Hutton Bridge Cricket Club. His son Roy Piercy is the current club President and has continued to provide a cash prize each year for the winning team.

Initially, the competition was for second elevens as there were many cups available for club first elevens – but almost all of these have now fallen by the wayside. Consequently the Piercy competition’s eligibility range has been extended. Again, initially, the invites were restricted to the York & District Senior League but now any club can enter a team. The only ‘non-eligible’ sides are those in the York Senior League Premier and First divisions – but those clubs can, of course, enter their second or third teams. Additional teams in the ECB Yorkshire Premier League are excluded as are teams from other league that play in a similar standard to the Y&DSCL first division.

The competition is run on a handicap basis which is intended to give lower divisional teams a chance of success. Of equal importance is the zoning of all early rounds which keeps travel distances and travel time to a reasonable level for night matches. Games consist of 20 overs per side.

The two semi-finals and final are played on a Sunday in August at Sheriff Hutton Bridge Cricket club York Senior League clubs are receiving their invitation via e-mail. Clubs from outside this league can obtain an application form and copy of the competition rules by e-mailing Albert Pattison at It is hoped that a good number of clubs will again participate in the 2017 running of the competition