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Yorkshire Premier League North and the York Senior League have over 2,000 Twitter followers between them.
The interactions we receive are overwhelmingly constructive and positive. Long may they continue and – providing a little common sense is shown – there is no need for anyone to be afraid of posting.
Along with other Leagues, we have produced six top tips to help player, club officials and League followers make the most of social media and judge what is and is not appropriate.
Hit social media abuse for 6! Six questions to ask before you post or share
1. Would saying this be acceptable if I was attending a cricket match in person? Remember it just isn’t cricket to show a lack of respect.
2. Would I want my boss, my family or my coach to see this? “Views expressed are my own” won’t stop them being embarrassed or change the opinions they form.
3. Would a newspaper publish this? If the answer is no, it probably breaks libel or defamation law.
4. Am I 100% certain this is acceptable? If in doubt, leave it out.
5. Before sharing or retweeting, would I write this myself and do I endorse it? If the answer is no, don’t share it. By retweeting or sharing, you might as well be posting it yourself.
6. How would I feel if someone wrote this about me? If you wouldn’t like it, don’t post it
We hope you’ll never need to refer to this, but below is our policy for dealing with malicious communications.

Insulting, offensive, obscene, injurious or false content can be dangerous and harmful to people’s well being and reputation as well as bringing the League or your club into disrepute.
We will not tolerate any malicious communications, harassment or discrimination through social media.
Do not use social media to make malicious, insulting, offensive, obscene or false statements regarding our players, coaches, officials, volunteers or spectators.
This applies regardless of whether
(i) You are posting yourself or sharing someone else’s post.
(ii) The individual is tagged in the post or not
(iii) The communication is by word, photograph, video or any other form.
(iv) The post is anonymous or not. If we can trace it back to you, we will act.

The Six Top Tips are there to prevent the below!
However, if you are found to have acted improperly on social media regarding a League related matter, or towards any club’s players, coaches, officials, staff, volunteers or spectators, you risk any or all of the following:
1. An indefinite ban from all cricket, grounds, venues, buildings and events connected with the league.
2. Legal proceedings under the Malicious Communications Act
3. Civil action under libel law
4. Punishment, including possible bans, deemed appropriate by the League under the schedule of disciplinary penalties.
5. Sanctions imposed by the league disciplinary committee on the club with which you are registered.