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Y&DSCL rules now allow a player to be registered with one or more clubs. This is to help any player (s) who may be surplus to requirements get a regular game of cricket, and to also make it easier for teams to field full sides and fulfil fixtures. A ‘dual registered’ player still has his or her registration retained by his initial club, who have to agree to him or her playing elsewhere by informing the League Registration Secretary that they are in full agreement for the player to play for one or more ‘named’ clubs. This is now a straightforward process of contact by email without the requirement of additional paperwork, although players classed as ‘juniors’ must still obtain parental permission. Players can move back and forth between the clubs he or she is dual registered with subject to team strengthening! The initiative is typically aimed at helping teams in the lower divisions, and there are restrictions on how many levels a player can play below his or her usual division. Players cannot subsequently join the borrowing club (s) permanently without the approval of the ‘owning’ club, and the League. Clubs should also take on board the team strengthening rules!

The standard club to club adult loan scheme still exists, but the dual registration initiative is likely to become more popular as it requires less paperwork!

This scheme should be used within the spirit of cricket, as it really is to help clubs who are struggling for players, and to assist players looking for games to be able to play elsewhere at a similar standard.

Registering A Loan or Dual-registered Player

Contact the League Registration Secretary by email, which must include the players name, parent club, and authorisation from that club agreeing to the 'loan'. Players classed as juniors must still complete the junior loan form, which should be sent as an attachment with the email.

Rule 23 E (j) Adult players may transfer on a loan basis in order to assist short-handed clubs. Such players shall not have made more than two appearances at a level of more than two divisions above the borrowing team. All adult loans must be sanctioned by the League Registration Officer in advance in order to prevent team strengthening. The ‘Adult Loan System’ shall only apply to players registered with York & District Senior League clubs and associated Conference Sections, unless agreed by the League Registration Secretary.

Rule 23 E (l) Players may be ‘dual-registered’ with two or more clubs in the instances of clubs loaning out players. Written permission must be given by the club holding the player registration, who will then be eligible to play for another named club until that permission is withdrawn. Junior players also require parental permission. Team strengthening rules will apply. Dual-registered players will not be permitted to permanently join any other club they have played for under this rule for a period of 12 months after the agreement has been terminated unless both clubs agree.

Rule 23 G Strengthening of Second Team

a.No club shall strengthen its second, or lower, team, at any stage in the season, with a regular first team player without just reason.

b.The inclusion of a regular first team player, for any other reason, may only be effected after clearance by the Managing Secretary, whose decision shall be final. A ‘regular first team player’ shall be defined as a player the majority of whose recent previous appearances have been in the first team.

All players who fall in to the following categories will be regarded as ‘regular first team players’ and will only be allowed to play in second, or lower, teams with prior permission:

i.First Class Players

ii.Contracted Players

Clubs wishing to include a ‘regular first team player’ in a second, or lower, team fixture must obtain prior permission from the Managing Secretary or his approved deputy. Clubs should seek this approval whenever any doubt exists or risk losing League points where they fail to do so.

For the purpose of this rule the inclusion of regular Yorkshire ECB League players in York Senior League games will require prior approval.

Any club deemed to be guilty of illegally strengthening their second, or lower, team will suffer a deduction of 30 league points irrespective of how many points were obtained in the course of the match. Their opponents will be deemed to have won the match and will receive 30 points. This penalty will apply for each infringement. A club shall select 11 players to represent the senior team and where its second or lower team plays with a numerically greater number of players than the senior team, this shall be regarded as prima facie evidence of ‘team strengthening’